Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lady Gaga and Country Music

People maybe will be hard to imagine Lady Gaga singing country song. Lady Gaga is identical with the pop dance music. The beat from the music makes people want to dance after all. However, people must not underestimate her talent of music. She really has diamond talent in the music industry. She did not worry to explore and involve more music into her works including the country music. People must be curious about the result when Lady Gaga singing country music.

There is no need to wait for too long for answering their curiosity about lady gaga country. In her newest album entitled Joanne, people can find the different side of the Mother Monster and the way she explored her talent in music. It is not only about country music which can be found in the album because people can also get the involvement of rock music in her album. Nevertheless, it is too soon for expecting lady gaga country album. Maybe country album will be just too ordinary for her but one thing; she can really make great song in any kind of music genre including country.

Not the entire track in album Joanne comes with country touch. The country feel can be experienced in the Million Reasons track.

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